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Welcome to our Sanctuary

In honor of the beautiful life of Jesse J, we hope to provide you with a nature sanctuary to create beautiful memories with your loved ones who are undergoing cancer treatment.

A Nature Sanctuary to Rest and
Create Memories to Cherish

Jesse J. Sanctuary Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization located in rural Des Moines, Iowa. We provide free hideaways for cancer patients and their families where they can peacefully enjoy their time together in a nature setting. 

Jesse battled an aggressive form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma for 2 years. She was able to receive treatments from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Mayo Clinic. She also had two craniotomies to treat her Glioblastoma. The first being at the University of Iowa Hospitals and the second in Arizona.


During the operations, Jesse and her husband stayed at Hope’s Lodge in Iowa City during her treatments but a good Samaritan offered them a place to stay in Arizona for free while she was undergoing a second craniotomy in Arizona.


Despite receiving modern and naturopathic treatments, Jesse gained her wings and went to heaven on December 17, 2020.


Jesse J's Cancer Journey

Our Mission

We will provide comfort, support, and respite to cancer patients and their families by providing a nature sanctuary where they can enjoy a country setting to ease their experience with cancer. We believe honesty and integrity are the leading principles of our mission, and we strive to provide an atmosphere of compassion and care.

Our Vision

We aim to become an integral part of the community – recognized by hospitals and hospices as a trusted haven for temporary lodging and rest for cancer patients and their loved ones. Our long-term goal is to expand our footprint, building additional sanctuaries across the United States, ensuring that every cancer patient and their loved ones can find solace in their time of need.

Our Values

The Jesse J. Sanctuary Foundation holds the following values as priorities: Compassion and Empathy – We will act with kindness, consideration, and care for our guests. We will seek to understand their needs and try to accommodate them with the utmost respect and understanding.

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