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House Rules

Welcome to Jesse J Sanctuary! House rules help ensure the comfort, safety, and security of everyone staying at Jesse J Sanctuary. Thank you for your cooperation with the following: 

  1. The sanctuary is in high demand, and we limit the duration of guests stays to no more than 5 days.  

  2. Guests are limited to the cancer patient, and two parents and other siblings, and grandparents.  

  3. Friends of the patient are allowed under specific circumstances. Please see staff to inquire about restrictions. 

  4. Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children all times. Children under 18 cannot be left alone at the sanctuary. 

  5. Jesse J Sanctuary is a 100% smoke-free environment. This includes tobacco, non–tobacco, vapor cigarettes and marijuana, regardless of whether they are burned/vaporized. 

  6. Please always clean up after yourself and your children. You must leave the sanctuary as you found it. Please wash your dishes, clean surfaces, and clean up the bathroom after your use. 

  7. Heating appliances, and candles are not permitted to be used at the in the sanctuary. 

  8. Television shows, movies, games and websites with violence or adult content are not appropriate for this family environment.

  9. Disruptive behavior, including inappropriate language, towards staff is unacceptable. Violence will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination of your stay. This includes, but is not limited to, physical discipline of children and acts of domestic violence. 

  10. Possession/use of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Firearms are also not permitted on sanctuary property at any time. 

  11. The status of family stays is reviewed by the staff regularly.  Maximum length of stay is 5 days. 

  12. For the safety of everyone, medical waste cannot be disposed of on sanctuary property. Please request a sharps container from your child’s hospital as needed.

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